Ways to Get Rid of College Station Snakes without Killing Them - 4 Different Ways Included!

In case you live in the state where snakes’ activities are high, there will be some point when you will likely discover the snake slithering in your yard. Most people are afraid of snakes due to their deadly venom. However, only a few of the snakes will carry venom. They can help in keeping our ecosystem healthy by devouring pests such as rats and mice. Therefore, when getting rid of them, it is advisable to use a humane method.

4 Non-Lethal Methods to Remove the Snakes in Your House

In case you discover a snake in your College Station yard, and you don’t know how to determine a venomous from a non-venomous snake, allow the professional to handle them. However, if you know that it is just a garden snake and you have no plans of killing them, here are some simple methods that you can do.

Give Them Enough Space to Flee

Most snakes are not aggressive. If you give them enough space to escape, they will immediately leave your Texas house. You do not have to harass them since they will act more aggressive if you do. There is a good chance that they are just passing by your property. Snakes will not remain in your property if there is not enough supply and ideal shelter for them. 

Using Garden Hose

In case the Texas snake refused to leave, you can use your garden hose to drive them away. Spray them until they leave your area. Maintain a good distance from the snake when you are using this method. While snake love to remain on moist areas, they will not appreciate being bombarded with water.

Snake Tongs

If you have experience in dealing with the snakes, you can use a snake tong to capture them. Snake tongs work similarly with the catch pole. However, instead of a loop at the end, it comes with tongs that allows you to easily restrict the movement of the snake. Once you capture them place them inside the snake bag. You will have to relocate them immediately afterwards.

Treat Your Texas Rodent Infestation

Usually, snakes will visit your yard to feed. The smell of the rodent can attract the attention of the snake. Getting rid of the rats and mice infestation can help you avoid the visit from this slithering creature. Check for any possible entry point of the rats and seal them. Have a good waste management system and eliminate any possible food source of the rodents. Trim your grass and shrubs and eliminate and piles of scraps lying on the ground.

Remember that even a baby College Station snake will be armed with venoms, so you must be careful when dealing with them.  Snakes offer a range of benefits and you don’t want to kill them. For a better solution, you can ask the professional snake removal company to get rid of them. They have the necessary tools and have gone through an extensive training to guarantee that the whole removal process will be effective and safe. 

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