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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal College Station! We are a wildlife removal company servicing College Station, TX. If you have a wildlife problem, then having someone that you can trust really gives you peace of mind that your problem will be solved, and we are proud to have been named the best animal control firm in the city for the last three years! You can also see the hundreds of 5 star reviews that we have received online from satisfied customers, on sites including Facebook and Google reviews. Our friendly office team are available to take your call at any time, and they can book a quick visit from one of our technicians, or give you some simple steps that you can take yourself. Bird control and bats are among our specialties as a company, and all our technicians have the equipment to be able to get to the out-of-the-way parts of your home where flying pest animals can get to. We know that their droppings can be a worry, with the potential for the transmission of diseases like histoplasmosis being a particular risk, so we can provide a full cleaning and disinfecting service to keep you and the family safe. Whatever the species of animal that is causing a problem in your home, our technicians can offer a humane and effective solution that will deal with your issue efficiently. Call us now at 979-773-3060 for your College Station wildlife control needs.

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Our Service Range

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College Station Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Hire a Texas Professional or DIY Skunk Control? Safety vs Cost?

For those who are experiencing a serious College Station skunk infestation, they will probably try to resolve their problem on their own to save some cash. While the initial cost of DIY skunk removal is indeed cheaper, the entire cost can be more expensive. It is possible to save more money if you hire the service of the professional. To start, there are hundreds of products sold in the market. If you choose the wrong product, you will end up spending more money than what you initially expected.

Why You Should Hire the Service of the Professionals?

In this article, we will discuss the various reasons that might convince you that hiring the Texas professionals is a better solution. You will realize that hiring their service will provide you an array of benefits that can prevent the future infestation from happening.

Applied Expertise

Different types of wildlife creatures will require different methods to end their infestation. Some of these strategies will require expertise in order to execute. Their reason for invading your property will vary. Some of them will be attracted by the food source and others are seeking for shelter. Even those animals that belong in the same family will require different methods. For those who lack the experience and expertise, it will be difficult to determine the type of infestation. They can also be using the wrong tools required to solve your problem. You will waste your time, money, and effort should you choose to use the wrong approach.

Target the Cause

Most of us who are opting for a DIY solution will only be able to deal with the symptom of the College Station skunk infestation. We will not be able to deal with the reason why these wildlife creatures are being attracted to our house. Some people will choose to use poison or rodenticide but this will only lead to another problem but it will still not address the root cause of the problem. With regards to the wildlife removal, the exclusion is more important rather than the eradication. It is essential to determine the factors attracting them to prevent the creature from returning. 

Safer Solution

Since you are opting for a DIY approach, you will probably choose a lethal method that entails some risks. For instance, the poison can release chemicals that will irritate your respiratory tract. There is also a possibility that our kids and pets can accidentally ingest it. Wildlife removal requires specific application in order to successfully extract the creature from your house. 

Long-Lasting Solution

Since the Texas professionals are not only treating the symptoms of your skunk infestation, you can ensure that the result will be long-lasting. This will help you save more money since you are preventing the future damages that your property can incur from the skunk infestation. 

These are just a few of the advantages that you can enjoy once you decide to hire the College Station skunk removal specialists. They can provide you a quality solution that you won’t enjoy when you choose to do things yourself. These are some things that you can do personally but wildlife removal is not one of them.