Does Rat Poison Really Make Texas Rats Thirsty?

It is not that uncommon that we will hear the most absurd claim from the manufacturer of the College Station rodenticide. Some of the will tell you that the poison can turn the rats into dust that will prevent them from stinking. There are also others that will tell you that their poison can mummify the rats. Perhaps one of the most common myths about rodenticide would be the capacity of their bait to make the rats thirsty. The rat will then run outside of your house to look for water that they can drink. They will then eventually die outside. However, the reality will be far from this.

Common Myths That Surrounds the Rat Poison

While some of the myths that surround the Texas rat poison may seem feasible, it is still important to be aware on the difference between fact and fallacies with regards to the appropriate rat control. In this article, we will discuss some of usual myths that we encounter with regards to rodenticide.

The College Station Rats Will Run Outside After Eating the Poison

There are no available rat poisons that will encourage the rat to leave the structure after they ingested it. The poisons that contain anti-coagulant such as bromadiolone will take effect in a matter or 4-10 days. However, there is still no assurance that it will lead to the death of the rat. Because of the slow effect of the poison, the rat will mostly die in the nest. Sometimes, they can also be found in the concealed areas of our house since they tend to separate themselves from the rest of the colony. There are some health hazards that are related with the decaying body of the dead rat. This is why the experts will often recommend the humane method such as live traps and exclusion device.

Poisons Will Cause the Texas Rats to Dry Up

Again, there are no known rat poisons that will deliver this effect. There are some products that are sold separately that can eliminate the odor of the dead rat. There are no commercially sold poisons that can get rid of their decaying scent.

The Rodents Will Feel Thirsty Once Poisoned

There are no poisons that will make the Texas rats feel thirsty. While it may be true that the rat will need to have an adequate supply of water, they will mostly receive their daily water intake from the foods that they eat. This is why most rats prefer to eat fruits due to their high water content. Usually, if the rats have created a nest in your house, there is a water and food source nearby. This means that they do not have to leave your house to drink or eat. 

While the manufacturers of the College Station rodenticide will do everything to market their goods, using poison and other lethal damage will not help you find a long-term solution for your problem. Ask your local wildlife control company that will provide you a better alternative to poison. Their method will help you avoid dealing with the carcass of the dead animal.   

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