Prevent College Station Rodents from Chewing on Your Car Wires - Which is the BEST Solution?

Rodents can be found just about anywhere. Once they invade your College Station car, they can cause significant damage especially on the wires of your vehicles. Rodent-related damage is a problem that our grandfathers had to face. We have been constantly looking for a solution for their infestation. Some solutions will work for others while some will not. It is important to understand why these rodents ended up in your vehicle to find a solution against them.

Methods to Keep Your Car Wires Safe from the Rodents Attack

It is the instinct of the Texas rodents to look for a shelter that will provide them with warmth and security. It should also be a place that enables them to store the food that they accumulated. The rodents also have the needs to chew tough materials regularly to ensure that the length of their teeth will be kept at an optimal level. To avoid the damages that they can cause, we will discuss some of the effective strategies that you can use.

Control the Damages of the College Station Rodents

You will have to start the process using some easy steps. This will not cost you a fortune and this is an excellent way to discourage the rodents from establishing their den in your vehicle. In case you are parking your vehicle in your garage, it would be best to keep the hood open. Rodent will not build their nest in an open area. You should also periodically drive the car. You will not be able to give the rodent enough time to den inside the car. Eliminate the possible food source since it will attract the attention of the rodent.  If you notice some small holes in the garage that the vermin can use as an access point, it is time to seal them.

Using Physical Protection

After using the methods above, you need to physically exclude the creature from your vehicle. You will need to use a wire mesh to cover the opening in your car such as the air cleaner. You can also place a trap around the vehicle. We do not recommend the use of the glue traps since they are inhumane. Once caught in the glue trap, they can defecate and urinate that will boost the possibility of disease transmission. 

Using Deterrents

There are Texas people who experienced success in using machine deterrents when getting rid of the rodent infestation. There are gadgets that emit high-frequency sound but let us remind you not to depend on them. There are no studies that will prove their effectiveness. LED lights can disorient them but only for a limited time. 

When dealing with the College Station rodent infestation in your vehicle, we do not recommend the use of chemicals and poisons. They can kill the rodents while they are inside the vehicle which will make it difficult to find their carcass. The poisoned rodent can also survive for days and sometimes even a week. During this time, our pets can eat them that can expose our pets to second-hand poisoning.

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